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Movement, Martial Arts, Meditation and More...

In ancient times it was said "a student will take three years to find a good teacher, a teacher will take ten years to find a good student." Finding the right place and the right team to help you craft the version of yourself you seek is no small task. We are often in a rush to get what's expedient at the expense of what is great. Here we are always working toward greatness in our approach, staff and programming to help each athlete reach their own unique potential.

Whether seeking to build a stronger, more capable body with conditioning and mobility, or learning deeper skills of self development through meditation and martial arts, you have found the right place. We apply training intensity to upregulate growth and change in your body as well as teaching how to downregulate your system to rest and restore making each session more impactful toward your goals. With access to both modern Western and ancient Eastern methods of developing your mind, body and spirit, you will have the unique opportunity to learn from both traditions and much more as our team of coaches will help to develop a program that's just right for you and always evolving to meet your changing needs. Here at Newport Lau Kune Do, Kung Fu & Tai Chi, you are not just a number, you are part of a unique and growing family of like minded people working to become their best selves. We hope you will join us and learn more about our rich traditions and unique practices.

Ryan A.

"To say over the past 10 months that Newport Lau Kune Do and most prominently Sifu Paul McIntyre have positively affected the lives of my wife and I would be the grossest of understatements.  A year ago I had classified myself as an “ex-athlete” as I had thought my athletic past was just that, a chapter in my life long over.  I was 31 years old and never thought I'd ever again pursue the Arts or any other physical pursuit save the gym once in a while.  I had participated in a multitude of athletics my entire youth and played high school football and collegiate baseball for an ivy league institution.  Then, over the next decade, the athletic-self gave way to the corporate-self and on life went devoid of the athletic extracurriculars that I had identified myself with for well over half of my life. 

Then I met Sifu Paul McIntyre and everything changed.


Group Workout Session

6wk Challenge

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Qigong Meditation

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Kung Fu

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Tai Chi




670 West 17th St. #G-4,
Costa Mesa, Ca. 92627





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