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"Let's start with my results after 4.5 weeks: *Lost 9 pounds of Body Fat *Gained 1.5 pounds of Skeletal Muscle *Sleep more Deeply *Look Lean and Toned *Enjoy Every Workout and the Food I am Eating! I asked Coach McIntyre for a simple system I could follow to achieve my goals along with accountability and a community/social support. Lau Kune Do has provided me with all of those things and more. The nutrition program is EXACTLY what I needed. It is so easy to follow and I feel fantastic and am moving towards my goals in a sustainable way. I enjoy everything I am eating. I now know how to eat out with friends. Coach McIntyre gave me the foundation for a new lifestyle rather than a "diet" to follow.

I plan to live this new lifestyle for the rest of my life. I LOVE Coach Jill's Yin Yang Fit workouts, and they are also exactly what I need to achieve my goals. She keeps me having fun and motivated to push myself to achieve my personal best! Coach McIntyre listened to what I told him about what works for my body and chose the best path & coach to help me achieve my goals.

I am a breast cancer survivor and have post-operative lymphedema, so I needed a workout, nutrition, and whole-body health system where I would be advised how best to work within my limitations while safely progressing to success. Today I deadlifted 90 pounds and did snatches and weighted sit-ups with 30 pounds! My lymphedema therapist who is internationally renowned, said that in her multi-decade career, I am only the 3rd patient she has seen reverse their lymphedema - that is all thanks to Coach McIntyre and the program he designed for me.

Coach McIntyre and his team have provided me with leadership, a community, and accountability to help me realize my goals. I am healthier, happier, and feel better than ever! If you are willing to put in the work, the program Coach McIntyre designs just for you that will launch you towards your goals".

~ Debra S.



"In 2020, I was experiencing a high level of stress and anxiety. A family member suggested that I try the introductory meditation course. During Covid, "wellness" was exploding as a trend, and I entered the class (via Zoom at the time) with a healthy skepticism.

To my surprise, there was no humming, no chanting, no sitting with my legs tangled in a pretzel. Within just a few weeks, I had already acquired some surprisingly simple, yet powerful tools. I'm talking about science-based breathing mechanics and mental training that can take your racing mind and put it back in neutral in just a few minutes. The best part is that you can do this almost anywhere - at home, at work, if you can get in a comfy chair and carve out a little bit of quiet time, you can learn to release that tension and anxiety that sneaks up on you during your day. Along with these mechanical lessons, the class explores the psychology of how we let our thoughts and fears get the best of us, and imparts powerful insights for keeping them in check.

The temple Sifu (Paul McIntyre), is one of the best teachers I've known in any field. He's warm, welcoming and humorous. Classes are fun and engaging, and he has a real gift for presenting complex topics in easily digestible lessons. His genuine passion for the subject and desire for his students' success is evident and inspiring.

I strongly recommend this class for anyone and everyone. Even if you don't have the time or inclination to become a "serious meditator" doing sessions for hours on end, anyone would benefit from the core lessons and simple mechanics that can quickly right your ship and get you back to enjoying your day".

~Justin M.



"It's not the place where you practice martial arts.  It's the person that is showing you and training you the art. My husband and I have been practicing Kung Fu and Tai Chi for almost a year and we have to say that it's changed our lives. We love our Sifu and our new family. Our Sifu is not only our Kung Fu Master, he is our mentor. I've never met anyone as Zen as my Sifu. He has definitely helped us look at life and many things in a different light.

This art has given us the confidence to know that if we were in any situation of danger, we have the tools to get ourselves out of the situation or to defend ourselves. This is a comforting feeling as a woman. Not are we only learning defensive martial arts we are learning more about ourselves.  Learning to become more Zen, at piece with ourselves. 

My husband and I are firm believers that it was not just the art that got us practicing the art.  It was the gravitational pull that our Sifu has and when we enter our temple a calm comes over us and all of our troubles and issues are put aside. This our weekly therapy to keep our heads clear and  on straight.

I highly encourage couples to practice together. My husband and I practice 4 times a week together and it has made us much closer and our bond stronger. It gives us something to do together and it keeps us healthy and in shape. Newport Lau Kune Do and Tai Chi temple is my piece of mind, it feels like home."

~Lori V.


"In a relatively short amount of time Lau Kune Do Kung Fu has had a great impact on my everyday life. Managing stress and improved focus are two unforeseen benefits that I've gained.  Improved fitness level, balance, and coordination were expected but have already exceeded my expectations. I look forward to the on going challenges that Sifu McIntyre presents and the growth that comes with meeting them." 

~Jeff B. 

"The old adage that “this is not a marathon, but a journey”, is a truism when it comes to Lau Kune Do.  After a fateful first meeting with Sifu McIntyre, my Lau Kune Do journey began.  I feel extremely honored and blessed to have a teacher and mentor such as Sifu McIntyre.  His ability to share his deep knowledge of the arts, and his practical approach in that endeavor, has made the entire experience even more rewarding.

As part of the founders group of students at the Newport Beach temple, I have started my training  with vigor and excitement.  I could not ask for a better Sifu (teacher), fellow students and overall Temple to share in this journey.

In addition, I have practiced martial arts in various forms over the years, however none of the others are as balanced and all-encompassing as Lau Kune Do.  My participation in Lau Kune Do’s external  forms of Kung Fu,  coupled with internal training in the Tia Chi, Qi Gong and Ba Gua forms, have created a much more balanced and growth accelerating experience.  I feel that by encompassing  both of these in one’s training (external and internal), it can help you learn more about yourself, your potential and enhance your balance, focus, discipline and overall health and well-being.  This has been a fulfilling experience thus far, and the journey has only begun!"

~Stuart A.

"To say over the past 10 months that Newport Lau Kune Do and most prominently Sifu Paul McIntyre have positively affected the lives of my wife and I would be the grossest of understatements.  A year ago I had classified myself as an “ex-athlete” as I had thought my athletic past was just that, a chapter in my life long over.  I was 31 years old and never thought I'd ever again pursue the Arts or any other physical pursuit save the gym once in a while.  I had participated in a multitude of athletics my entire youth and played high school football and collegiate baseball for an ivy league institution.  Then, over the next decade, the athletic-self gave way to the corporate-self and on life went devoid of the athletic extracurriculars that I had identified myself with for well over half of my life. 

Then I met Sifu Paul McIntyre and everything changed.


Lau Kune Do as I have come to know it is not simply “fighting” . . . in fact I smile as I write that last statement because Lau Kune Do has proven to be an ocean of positive thinking, a foundation-shaking test of raw physicality and a spiritual awakening all in one.  The Art is just so much more than I could have expected for both myself as well as my wife.  The profound discovery of the oasis which is Newport Lau Kune Do is wholly due to our Sifu Paul McIntyre who is arguably the most remarkable, positive and inspirational human being I've ever met.

“Sifu” as we understand it is Chinese for “father teacher.”  This being said, Sifu Paul McIntyre is the personification of just that. He teaches as a father to an aspiring child: with patience, positive reinforcement, sage wisdom, humility, and an innate ability to explain to you only what you need to hear in a particular moment, not too little information to leave curiosity unsatisfied but also not too much detail in order to over complicate a particular movement.  I consider myself extremely lucky to associate myself with Sifu multiple times each week.  He has a direct, honest, humble and selfless approach of expanding the physical and mental capabilities of his students.  He cultivates focus and efficiency of movement to help his students grow as both martial artists as well as human beings.  At Newport Lau Kune Do, Sifu McIntyre nurtures an environment which while rigorous during training, also feels as safe as home after a long vacation . . . his teaching style is something that simply needs to be experienced in order to appreciate.


Even if I were to never attend another class for the rest of my life I feel have already absorbed benefits otherwise unobtainable – all of which will remain eternally usable but then again, all of said benefits just serve to tease me as to where, with dedication and fortitude, my true potential may someday lead me, my wife and someday soon my children.  Any yes, my wife and I are well on our way to being able to fully protect ourselves in the event that such skills prove necessary.  Thank you Lau Kune Do and thank you, from the depths of me, Sifu Paul McIntyre!"

~Ryan A.

"I came to Newport Lau Kune Do looking to learn some self defense as well as some calming/meditative techniques. What I discovered was a whole world of carefully cultivated disciplines and a truly committed teacher in Sifu McIntyre. His teaching style is unlike what I’ve experienced in the martial arts in the past.  He has an amazing ability to break down movements for the lay person in such a way that keeps you engaged and interested. While there are no short cuts in mastering the arts I can definitely say his patience and willingness to go the extra mile has helped me tremendously.  I feel what I’ve learned in 10 months is quite remarkable.

I can also say that being a parent with small children Sifu McIntyre’s teaching talents are also very well suited for children’s classes. That’s something that not all martial arts teacher can effectively do.  I can’t wait until my little one is old enough to come take classes as well."

~Paul B.

"I joined this Kung Fu class earlier this year and thoroughly enjoyed learning this new art.  Sifu has great integrity and is extremely dedicated to his family, the art, and his students.

Having a patient and dedicated teacher is key to learning a new art form. In addition, we also have a great mix of students whom all are committed to learning, which makes for great support.

I have 3 girls under the age of 4, so time is limited.  I can only attend 2 classes in a week at most, but with practice, I can still keep up with the rest of the class. I look forward to the classes each week."


~Reza W.




A friend suggested I try Tai Chi over the holidays so I googled Tai Chi and Costa Mesa and found this place. The temple is close to my house in Costa Mesa and after reading the reviews I thought that this would be a good place for me.

Sifu McIntyre answered my initial email inquiry promptly and after an initial meeting I joined the temple.  While I wasn't initially seeking Kung Fu training, I am so glad that I have been learning both Tai Chi and Kung Fu.  The disciplines are very complementary and Sifu teaches both with extensive knowledge, integrity and compassion for his students.  I can see that I will be growing and learning in ways that I had not anticipated.  

If you are interested in whole body and mind health as well as self-defense 
training, check out the website and contact Sifu McIntyre.  You'll be glad that you did!


~ T.M. Costa Mesa




My first review was not just a "first impression." I have been at this temple for just over two months and my initial impression was definitely the real deal. Sifu has proven himself to be a patient, guiding teacher who does not just "go through the numbers" when he instructs his students. There is a genuine giving, caring, personal connection between him and each one of us. Every interaction I have with him brings me to respect him and the temple more. If you're even just a little curious, come and talk to Sifu Paul. You'll see for yourself what I mean.


~ Rae H.




I have had the pleasure of training under Sifu for the past year and a half. When I moved up to orange county I was in search for a kung fu school. I called Sifu that day and he had me come in for an interview. I greatly appreciated getting to meet with him not only for me to learn about the art he taught but also for the opportunity to share my goals. Sifu offered me an invitation to train and I gladly took it. 

While I thought I was getting to the opportunity to learn kung fu and tai chi in reality I was being given so much more. The amount of community and brotherhood/sisterhood in the temple is staggering. I can honestly say I always felt welcomed at the temple. It quickly became a place that no matter what was going on in my life I knew I could always find solace in my training. 

Every class you learn something new or a different angle on something you thought you knew. Whats more Sifu invests in each student personally. While I cant speak for others I can say my life has been greatly enriched by his advice. 

I would strongly encourage anyone thinking about exploring the arts to schedule a meeting with Sifu Mcintyre


~ Lee M.




I came across this place through Google and it ranked number two in my searches. Like most people I checked out the reviews, the reviews have always helped me in the past. How can you go wrong with what the customers say?  Everyone loved the place, I sensed warmth, friendship and spiritual knowledge and nurturing from this place which is all what I'm looking for based from the reviews. I was a bit skeptical and apprehensive but nonetheless excited hoping to have found a good place.

What I initially wanted was just to come in maybe once or twice a week for Taichi though I was informed that they also offer Kung Fu all at the same cost. I did Taichi for a month and I loved it so much that I started doing Kung Fu the second month. I now come in two or three times a week doing two hours of Kung Fu and Taichi.  It is my new passion! It has helped me find peace, discipline and self confidence.

Our teacher/mentor, Sifu McIntyre, is kind, patient, strong and very knowledgeable in Martial Arts. You certainly feel welcome and comfortable with him. His guidance is firm yet kind and he allows you to be all you can be and he will help explain to you each process as methodically as he can.  His explanations are pretty simple that everything makes perfect sense, each stance, punch, block, form, etc.

I certainly have found a great teacher and a great place to train and I couldn't be any happier. I also love the comradery in this place, everyone is friendly and positive. Come and try it, you won't be disappointed.


~Anna O.

This is more than a gym it’s a community. Once you become a meaner the space becomes yours to share will everyone. I completed the challenge which involves weekly body scans and nutritional accountability. I would recommend anyone who wants to learn how to do more than lose weight but learn how to manage your health should come here.

The strength training with Coach Jill are intense but the work produces results. And the Ying Yang fit with Coach Slater is deceiving in the best way possible. You leave his class sweating or glistening and your body feels so energized.

It was truly a great experience. Coming here and supplementing with some at home cardio helped me lose weight in a healthy way.


~ Gabriela V.




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