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Our class offering has been developed to support the integration of mind, body and spiritual wellness.  All classes listed are available to be accessed both virtually and in live classes depending on the needs and accessibility of each student. Private training is available in person and virtually by booking online for your convenience. 
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Adult Kung Fu

Our basic training has been adapted for all fitness, age and experience levels with an emphasis on body preparation and fundamental drilling.  Classes include flexibility, strength, core fitness and balance as a foundation of physical movement, coupled with the many techniques and skills necessary in Kung Fu training. You will learn empty hand forms, weapons training, full body conditioning, empty hand sparring (seniors and above) as well as Taoist breathing and power techniques through Qigong training founded in the both the Wing Chun and Hung Gar traditions.

Wing Chun has the largest influence on the Lau Kune Do System which will place much of your focus on close range fighting skills, sensitivity, speed, trapping and multiple angles of attack and defense.  Power generation, energy conservation and economy of motion are all skills you will attain over time training here in a safe and inspiring environment.

With a focus on mind, body and spirit in your day to day training, you will learn all the areas needed to become proficient over time in the combat arts of Chinese Kung Fu.  With time, the beauty and power of this training will improve every area of your daily life and make what is weak, strong...and what is good, great.


Kids Kung Fu Classes 

Kung Fu encourages a healthy lifestyle fostering a healthy mind, body and spirit.  We help students get excited about eating well, resting right and calming their frustrations through proper training.  This will help improve self confidence, teach them new skills and encourage them to work hard to achieve their goals all while giving them coping mechanisms for frustration or challenges that life and schooling can present.  


Building your child’s self confidence while teaching self control and self awareness are the essence of all martial arts.  Your children will learn to control their body, mind and emotions through their training while building a strong flexible body that will serve them well in all things.  Their training here will focus on many aspects of movement, but more importantly the way the mind views challenges, obstacles, growth and frustration without allowing the ego to dominate that transformation, but to allow them to flourish in a healthy environment that focuses on all these areas together. 


Practicing manners and good behavior at all times at the Temple creates an understanding of mutual respect of self and others which they can see all around them.  This helps build character and humility while still working on the Self Defense Skills that will allow them to protect themselves and others, while understanding first how to avoid conflict and stop it before it starts.


Using a modern coaching mindset for teaching, we have developed a system of interactive tools that your child will learn to help begin the process of goal setting and tracking for their training and their core behaviors at home and at school.  With your participation, crafting a strategy that empowers your child to decide what they need, chart a path to get there and then track that progress is a skill in itself that will reward them for a lifetime of achievement.


Adult Taijichuan (Tai Chi)

Tai Chi has proven through generations of successful practice to help harmonize the bodies energy system bringing overall wellness and vitality to its practitioners.  Our classes mix many training tools to help this process occur including long form Taijichuan practice, Qigong exercises, Taoist breathing, Taiji Ball, Baguzhang stepping and many more in conjunction with both seated and standing meditation practices.  You will realize a profound sense of connection to your own body and the world around you which strengthens over time the more you practice these internal arts bringing a sense of connectedness, focus and clarity to your daily life.

An excellent step toward health and wellness, Taijichuan provides gentle stretching, flexibility and strength to help your body naturally return to its ideal nature in a very intuitive way.  People have experienced many improvements to a number chronic conditions without the use of medication where other modalities have failed.  Many of these benefits have been proven over time in research studies especially in the areas of arthritis, back pain, sleep imbalances, digestion, poor concentration, bone density loss and high blood pressure to name a few. 

This is a natural way to dramatically reduce the effects of stress and aging on the body and the debilitating effects they can have on your system.  While a more gentle approach, Tai Chi Chuan was originally created as a combat art, as well as a healing art, making this a tremendously well rounded approach as an individual art form, or as a addition to any external training. 



Meditation and Qigong 

Both Qigong and meditation practices are integrated with our Taijichuan classes at a basic level.  If however your interest is specifically on building a meditation practice, or to better understand the mechanics of the mind and how to build your own spiritual map, these are the classes for you. Each week we will explore specific elements that will allow you to overcome any challenges to a successful and meaningful practice, understand that success means to you within that practice and then work to build the skill to do that consistently.
We offer additional intensive semi-private group workshops in meditation and several Qigong schools of teaching which are offered quarterly.  These go much deeper into theory and application as well as specific Medical and Martial Qigong sets being taught in the workshop formats.  Please contact us directly for more detailed information to meet your needs by scheduling a meeting virtually or in person below, or jump in and book your first class with us.  The classes are not linear in format and all levels of experience are welcome.



A movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and usable ranges of motion.  These classes are open to the public and are available for anyone to register on a per class drop in basis or can be used as a part of a discounted class block purchase. The schedule for these classes can be found above on the normal class schedule.

Kinstretch® is a mobility training class meant to restore and expand your usable ranges of motion and should be an addition to any existing training program you are involved in, not to replace it.  The more we use our bodies, in life and athletics, without specific focus on maintaining mobility we begin to lose the usable ranges we are accustomed to which can lead to injury or discomfort at a minimum.  My focus in this class is to expand on the ranges your body has today while increasing your joint health and longevity through movement to improve your quality and control with an emphasis on proper mechanics and injury prevention.  

*An important consideration, for anyone not having experienced this class before, this is NOT a stretching class. Although we use the word "Stretch" in the naming, this is a very active class and will be a challenging workout in a different way than you may be used to.  Muscle cramping can be common in mobility work, depending on your effort but there are reasons for this and we will cover those in class and how they should be treated.  Lastly if you are injured currently, this is not the class for you.  Moving tissues or joints that are in pain through mobility training can create more harm and is not meant to be "rehabilitation" training.


Everything is Yin & Yang, your physical training should be no different. Learn how to better regulate the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system by regulating your breathing patterns and learning where your personal thresholds reside while working on body weight oriented training practices.

This class is scientifically structured to get the "fat furnace" turned on and burning while building more muscle throughout the body! Covering breath mechanics, specialized mobility preparation with "HIIT" circuit training, this class is build for physical conditioning and body weight based strength training. Learn to upregulate and downregulate all in one class while discovering what your body is capable of while optimizing its performance!


Filipino stick fighting provides the foundation for close range reflexive training with stick that translates to the sword and dagger, all of which improve hand to hand coordination, timing, trapping and range management for the martial artists. While an individual art that stands alone, it builds on all the fundamentals here at the school and allows us the unique and incredible opportunity to train weapons in a partnered format that is safe, controlled and meaningful to the practitioner. 

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