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In traditional Chinese martial arts, the teacher is referred to as "Sifu" or "father teacher".  The Sifu views his role in much greater depth than what most assume to mean "master" and carries a much greater focus on the care and advancement of the student as a whole person, a family member, and not simply improving their physical skill in the martial arts.

Sifu McIntyre began his love for martial arts very early while studying Taekwondo in his home town of Alameda and was fortunate to study Shorinji Kempo with the Asian Knights in Vallejo for several years before relocating to Southern California.

Sifu McIntyre began a specific search for a close combat art renowned for its efficient movements, trapping hands and speed for real world combat known as Wing Chun Kung Fu.  After some searching, he found Lau Kune Do Kung Fu and Tai Chi which offered this and much more. 

Once accepted as a student, he began training under Grandmaster Richard "Hing Wo" Tsim while attending Cal State Long Beach in 1994, solidifying his introduction and transition to the Chinese martial arts system.  

Over the next 18 years, Sifu McIntyre would becoming the second highest ranking Disciple of the temple and a teacher of  the highest regard within the system.  As a direct lineage Disciple of Grandmaster Tsim, Sifu McIntyre has been teaching and training in the Lau Kune Do system for over 18 years with combined martial arts experience reaching over 25 years.​

Sifu McIntyre is the creator of the S.E.R.T.+ self defense system and has over 5 years professional protective services experience in real world environments.

As a former All American, National level collegiate athlete and coach, Sifu McIntyre is uniquely qualified as a Temple Keeper.  His knowledge and experience as a teacher provides an unparalleled opportunity for the student seeking a guide to learn and grow with the traditional Chinese arts to reach their true potential in a modern world.

"Martial arts is a way of life. A true martial artist does not train to become the ultimate warrior, the world’s most physically fit specimen, or the greatest sage of all mankind. A true martial artist trains to be a better person"

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