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Today is the right day to start, in fact it is the only day you have.

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

By resetting your starting point for taking action to the smallest increment you can, you will increase your ability to form new desirable habits to make lasting changes in your life.

Success is built the same way failure is, through repeated behaviors over time that eventually yield the transformation you desire or the one you do not. The longer you wait the longer it takes to make the changes, so if tomorrow never comes and today is all you have, you must take action to make it special in some way. We never know when our time in life will end so why wait until the “New Year” to make all the important changes in your life? Commit yourself to the first of a new month, Monday next week or even tomorrow as a more empowering choice. The more times you begin a new, the better your odds at creating successful behaviors in your life. Maybe we should stop needing a new starting point to track our successful behaviors and instead start today, right now in fact. Power is in taking action and putting your mind and body in motion, right away, to generate positive momentum and success that will build from one action to the next.


Pick one thing you have been putting off and in the next 5 minutes take one tangible action, no matter how small, to put the completion of that goal, task, project in motion. Make the call, draft the outline, send the message and decide exactly when you will take the next action and how long you will give yourself to do it. Whatever it is there is great power in action, so start that momentum now and do not delay.

“Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is a dream, now is the only time you have to make the difference in life that you desire.”

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