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Training never stops, and neither should you.
With our mobile booking app, you can join us in person or live online anywhere you have a connection, training with us is easier than ever.

We understand you are busy and can't always be in the neighborhood, that's why we created the "Global Class Pass", the perfect solution for those wanting to learn from home or while away.

While our full time students enjoy access to live and online classes booked through our mobile app, we sought to add value to a broader community of searchers like yourself and hope that our approach works for you!

Our full schedule of classes are held online daily and digitally archived weekly for students that are in different time zones but want access to participate in the classes and lessons shared at times that fit their schedule.

We work hard to provide top quality interaction and recordings that you can access quickly and easily from anywhere you have an internet connection. 


When setting out to help others who are not locally oriented or full time travelers, it was critical that they know there is a community of real people here to help when they are able to attend.

As wonderful as the online learning environment is, there is nothing like direct transmission and working face to face with peers seeking the same goals.  That's why we hold two "Family Reunions" locally every year at no charge for all our online members. This creates a unique opportunity to fly or drive in, connect with peers and Sifu McIntyre in person and get that valuable hands on training to further support all you are learning.



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Global Class Pass Monthly
Access online or attend live classes from anywhere when classes are held, in addition to weekly archived video classes held.

Video Only Class Pass Monthly
Access weekly classes archived online from anywhere at any time.

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