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Lau Kune Do was founded in 1975 by Grand Master Richard "Hing Wo" Tsim while studying for his Masters Degree at the University of Massachusetts.  Born and raised in China, he has studied several styles of traditional Chinese martial arts, including Northern Shaolin, Wing Chun, Hung Gar, Ba Qua and Tai Chi Chuan.  He has taught both hard (modified Wing Chun) and soft (Ba Qua / Tai Chi) styles since 1975.  His martial arts career began at the age of five in China and over the years, he has had the opportunity to study under some of the finest instructors, such as Sifu Lung Chi Cheung of Northern Shaolin, Sifu Leung Sheung of Wing Chun, Sifu Chan Hon Chung of Hung Gar, Professor Jiang Yung Chiu of Ba Qua, and Master Ma Yat Ching, a student of Wu Kam Chuen, the founder of Wu's Tai Chi Chuan.  He has been exposed to such high-level techniques as "Iron Palm" and "Iron Finger" training as well as practicing Taoist breathing techniques, Chinese herbal medicine and meditation which he has passed on to his highest Disciples.

While training by himself on campus back in 1975, a few fellow students saw him practicing martial arts in the school gym and asked if he would be willing to teach them.  He agreed and the first official classes were born.  During the early years of Lau Kune Do and over the years to follow, he began to devise a unique system relying on extremely compact, economic movements that flow and adapt to changing situations, like water.  Appropriately, his first students, Dan Connelly and Bob Cavenah, coined the term "Lau Kune Do", which means "Way of the Flowing Fist".

In 1980, after returning from a trip to Asia, he decided to migrate to Southern California and started teaching Lau Kune Do in the City of Long Beach, California.  In 1991, he built the Lau Kune Do landmark, main temple on Broadway, making it the world headquarters of Lau Kune Do.

Since its humble beginnings on the university campus, Lau Kune Do has touched the lives of nearly half a million people.  If you like, visit the main temple site at

Founder of Lau Kune Do
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